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All garlands are handcrafted to the highest standards. The environmentally friendly nature of the materials used means there may be small variations in colour, size and design.

Storage and Care Instructions for Ecotinsel garlands:

Please keep the Ecotinsel garland dry. All Ecotinstel garlands are for indoor use only.

Keep the Ecotinsel garland away from flames and other heat sources. The Ecotinsel garland is made from untreated paper and is not flame retardant. For safe keeping, store in the presentation box when not in use. Store in a dry, non-damp environment, out of direct sunlight. Take care not flatten or squash the Ecotinsel garland.

Ecotinsel can be lightly dusted with a dry duster.When removing from storage, “bush out” by stroking your dry clean hands gently through the garland. Stored in the presentation box supplied, we hope that your Ecotinsel lasts for years to come, but when you are ready to… please recycle!